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Bioresonance feedback therapy is a frequency system used for energy testing, energy balancing, enhanced wellness and relaxation. This can be done in person, where all the information about the state of your body is delivered to the brain through special trigger sensors which are shaped as headphones. Or it can be done remotely using your DNA (nail clippings). These are placed in a remote box which is connected to the frequency system and is used instead of the headphones. Remote sessions may be preferable for babies and small children, those physically unable to attend or individuals with autism. Stress causes a block in the flow of energy, which in turn causes disease, infection, inflammation and illness. A gentle restorative energy is applied which is non-invasive, painless and strengthens the immune system.

Sessions last 1 hour 30 - £65


TEL: 028 71364080



Holistic healing centre

 Reception Opening Hours


Monday          9am - 4pm

Tuesday         9am - 6pm

Wednesday   9am - 6pm

Thursday       9am - 6pm

Friday             9am - 3pm

Saturday        9am - 3pm


The Gatelodge, 91 Strand Road, Derry. BT48 7NW

(028) 7136 4080


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