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Herbal Medicine

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What is Herbal Medicine?


Herbal medicine is a form of medicine that uses plants or plant extracts to exert a therapeutic effect on the body. Plants have been used as medicine for as long as time. Through trial and error our ancestors discovered the wonderful healing properties of plants. With scientific research we are now able to identify the phytochemicals responsible for exerting medicinal effects and confirm the findings made by various herbalists throughout history. It aims to identify the root causes of dis-ease. It focuses on the person rather than their health condition whilst being mindful of their diet and lifestyle. I believe we are all individual and, unique which should be reflected in our healthcare. It is about educating and empowering you to elevate your health and support you to help you find your way to wellness.



About Me


My name is Orla Ross and I became unwell in my early twenties. I spent the next few years exploring various treatments, medications and forms of medicine. For me, herbal medicine changed my life. It propelled my health forward in a way I didn't think possible. I have eight chronic conditions. After five years of study (two of which were nutrition) I am able to manage my conditions mainly through herbal medicine and healthy eating. 



What to expect from a Herbal Consultation?


Your initial consultation will take 60-90 minutes. 


We will look through each system of the body, your diet and lifestyle to identify root causes of your health concerns and identify imbalances within the body. The form of medicine is bespoke to the individual and made after the consultation in the form of;  


  • tincture (alcohol preparation to extract certain phytochemicals from the plant)

  • dried herbs

  • powders 

  • capsules


Your follow up consultation will last 30-45 minutes. It will occur one month after your initial appointment to check in and see how you have been the prior month. More herbal medicine is usually dispensed at this time on a monthly basis. 



Holistic healing centre

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