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Dr Hauschka at The Gatelodge

Here at The Gatelodge, we have always been passionate about Dr Hauschka having stocked their products in store for a number of years – and now we are incredibly proud to have a Dr Hausckha esthetician on our team, offering a wide range of Dr Hauschka treatments.


Made from 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, this cruelty-free cosmetics line (which is free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, parabens and silicones) is perfect for those who are looking for a natural way to take care of their skin. Much like other cells in our body, our skin looks after and renews itself – and Dr Hauschka believes that skincare products should not take these tasks away from it – or alter the skin’s natural rhythm in any way. Dr Hauschka facial-care products are as diverse as we all are. Whatever your skin condition at your current stage of life, the precious product compositions stimulate your skin’s natural regeneration to ensure it only enhances your skin’s natural process, as opposed to hindering it.


We stock a wide range of Dr Hauschka Skincare in The Gatelodge, and we offer complimentary 15 minute consultations for those who would like some advice on which products would most suit their skin.

Aylice Bennett, Dr Hauschka Esthetician

The Classic Dr Hauschka treatment is a special kind of mini-break: a relaxing foot bath, arm and hand massages, and fragrant compresses allow you breathe deeply and ensure that your mind and body are both in a comfortable, content state in order to get maximum benefit from this treatment. Each of these introductory steps in the treatment are the ideal way to prepare for the cleansing care that the Dr Hauschka Skin Care products bring you. Cleansing and nourishing masks, plus intensive skin care rejuvenation leave you feeling revived and regenerated – leading to the heart of the Classic Treatment, the lymph stimulation. With the use of fine brushes, our            Dr Hauschka esthetician will effectively brush the face and décolleté in order to stimulate the lymph of the face and neck. This technique will bring even the most tired, dehydrated skin back to life! This treatment finishes with a décolleté massage, again using the wonderful aromatics of the Dr Hauschka bath essences to re-energise you as you come slowly back to reality.


The Classic Dr Hauschka Treatment - 120 mins (consultation time included) - £75

Classic Facial Treatment according to Elisabeth Sigmund

Classic Facial Treatment, with Swedish Back Massage

Why not allow yourself to relax further with the addition of a Swedish Massage to accompany your Classic treatment? Our esthetician will incorporate Swedish Massage techniques throughout the treatment in order to help you further relax – whilst also therapeutically loosening the back muscles and easing the joints to ensure the treatment’s remedial effects - both physically and mentally.


Classic Treatment with Swedish Massage - 150 mins (consultation time included) - £82

Facial Treatment 'One Hour to Myself'

This treatment is exactly as the name suggests – for clients whose circumstances may only allow them literally one hour to themselves! Enjoy a customised facial in a comfortable, soothing environment – a perfect break for yourself when time is scarce!


One Hour to Myself - 60 mins (consultation time included) - £45

Cleansing Facial Treatment

An intensive deep cleansing treatment with natural Dr Hauschka skin care to cleanse and refine your skin for a radiant complexion.


Cleansing Treatment - 60mins (consultation time included) - £45

Clarifying Facial Treatment

Particularly for problem skin, this treatment is specifically designed to regulate blemished and inflamed complexions. This is an intensive treatment for the skin, and is intended for people of all ages; it is, however, exceptionally good for clients whose complexions are out of balance whether the cause be hormonal, environmental etc. This treatment embodies the ethos of the Dr Hauschka skincare ritual: the Dr Hauschka products have been developed to restore the skin's own function to produce the amounts of oil it requires - therefore the products 'help' the skin to rectify itself, without the skin becoming reliant on the products to carry out its natural functions. We reccomend this treatment in a 14 day cycle until the skin has returned to its natural balance.


Clarifying Treatment - 60 mins (consultation time included) - £45

Revitalising Facial Treatment

Sometimes your skin feels as tired as you do. The Revitalising Treatment stimulates your tired skin, and is particularly recommended in transitional periods in life either personally, or even as and when the seasons change. This is perfect for those whose skin is feeling a little lacklustre.


Revitalising Treatment - 90 mins (consultation time included) - £55

Relaxing Facial Treatment

This Relaxation Treatment centres around a facial treatment - however the main focus of this session is to encourage a deep relaxation from head to toe. Similarly within the Dr Hauschka treatment range, the whole body is taken into account with arm stretchs and stroking of the legs.  Because of this, the calm, relaxing nature of this treatment is maintained without a deep cleanse of the skin - ensuring that the the treatment will be as relaxing throughout. Nonetheless, it is just as intense with the use of the Dr Hauschka Skin Conditioners to balance out any skin type, whilst also guiding every skin type through its natural renewal process.


Relaxation Treatment - 90 mins (consultation time included) - £55

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Dr Hauschka Signature Package


Enjoy a bespoke, 60-minute Dr Haucahka Facial, and a 30-minute back massage with a Dr Hauschka massage oil of your choice.


The Dr Hauschka Signature Facial - 90 mins (consultation time included) - £55



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