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Skin Treatments

Aalgo Organic Seaweed Skin Treatments

Using only the natural healing properties of seaweed, Aalgo has helped over 800,000 people from over 30 countries alleviate, enhance, and nourish irritated skin for more than 20 years. Aalgo is so pure and gentle that it can be used by babies from just 4 weeks old.


"In the internal environment of our system, and only there, do we find the same mineral make up, the same physiognomy as that of sea water."


Aalgo 100% natural, wild seaweed powder contains no added colours, bleaches, perfumes, or preservatives. For centuries, people of coastal areas have known the healing properties of seaweed. Like our planet, our bodies are constantly losing water - between two and three litres per day, thus leaving our skin dehydrated.


With its simple once a day use, one will no longer suffer the endless application of creams.

Aalgo offers you a completely organic, natural skin formula which will give you healthier skin.


Purchase your Aalgo today at the Gatelodge:


               Small Tub:      £16     Medium Tub:   £25

     Large Tub:       £35


For more information, please visit www.aalgo.com


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