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Holistic healing centre


We are now reopen! Reception hours:

9-5pm Tuesday-Friday

9-2pm Saturday

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Liam is a Chartered Physiotherapist who graduated from the University of Ulster School of Physiotherapy, in 1989. Now, with years in the NHS plus post graduate training in Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulations and Consciousness work, he is developing and expanding more and more into the field of healing the mind and spirit, as well as the body.


Home visits available on request (mornings only)


During a consultation session, a biochemical analysis of your body will be carried out to determine how it functions to create movement (good biomechanics means you move more efficiently and you are less likely to get an injury). After this analysis, an assessment of the injury and affected area is carried out and depending on these results, a course of treatment will be recommended to alleviate your symptoms and prevent further injury. This will include joint manipulation whereby your joint is moved using small, controlled thrusts. This treatment is used to give an extra stretch to the soft tissues adjacent to the joint and aims to:


      restore full range of motion to a joint

       release natural pain releivers within the body

       unlock 'stuck' joints

   relieve headaches

  reduce muscle spasms


Joint mobilisation may also be carried out in which the physiotherapist passively moves your joint repeatedly. The joint may be moved large or small amounts, slowly or quickly, firmly or gently, and for varying amounts of time. Mobilisation aims to:


            restore the full range of motion to your joint,

     relieve pain

            stimulate the area around the joint to increase awareness and position sense of the joint



You will also be given advice on rehabilitation such as specific stretching and strenghtening exercises.


£35 per session