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Holistic healing centre


We are now reopen! Reception hours:

9-5pm Tuesday-Friday

9-2pm Saturday

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In Kinesiology, muscle testing is the modality used to communicate with the body to determine what is out of balance structurally, nutritionally, energetically and emotionally. The individual is then treated holistically with regard to balancing the acupunture energy system, testing for nutritional supplements and food intolerences, massaging and holding specific points on the physical body and emotionally, using Bach Flower Remedies and various emotional clearing techniques.


Some of the things Kinesiology can help with are:


                                 Low Energy,


                                 Weight Issues,

                                 Nutritional Deficiencies,

                                 Food Intolerences,

                                 Skin Issues,


                                 Low Mood,

                                 Sleep Issues,

                                 Back, Neck & Shoulder Issues,



Nutritional Advice may also be given depending on your needs.


A Kinesiology session lasts 1 hour and 15 mins, £45


Block of 6 treatments, and the 6th treatment is free

Re-test is only 40 mins approx, £35


Sports Injuries,



Learning Difficulties,

Poor Concentration,

Fears & Phobias,

Self Esteem,

Thyroid Imbalance,

Blood Sugar Problems,

Digestive Problems.